Black Briar BBR-15 Blank Fire Only (BFO)
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The Black Briar BBR-15 Blank Fire Only (BFO) is designed to be the safest training firearm available.  Firearms used during force-on-force/combat readiness training, aimed and fired at participants, are generally live fire weapons with a blank fire adapter attached to the muzzle and at times include one additional safety feature which can also be easily removed.  We have engineered our BBR-15 BFO rifles specifically for these type of training evolutions implementing multiple design features which prohibit the introduction of live ammunition into a training environment. Our BBR-15 BFO engineered safety features cannot be removed accidentally or intentionally without significant damage to the firearms.  The safety of participants must be paramount during all training evolutions.  Please contact us for additional information or a demonstration.



Blank Fire BBR-15 Caliber: 5.56mm M200 Blank Only (Will Not Fire Live Fire Ammunition) Action: Semi-automatic, Carbine length, Direct Gas Impingement System Upper Receiver: 7075 Forged Flat Top or 7075 Billet Flat Top Lower Receiver: 7075 Forged or 7075 Billet Bolt Carrier Group: Nickel Boron Coated Steel Trigger Group: Nickel Boron Coated Barrel: 16” M4 profile, Blank Fire Only Stock: MAGPUL CTR, LaRue R.A.T., VLTOR EMOD, or MagPul UBR Fore end: Free Float 9” Troy Alpha Rail Pistol Grip: MAGPUL or Ergo Original Ambidextrous Sights: MAGPUL MBUS Front and Rear, Optics Available Anodization: Available in Orange or Black

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Black Briar BBR-15 Blank Fire Only (BFO)

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